Why Detox?

Seems like everywhere you look at this time of year, everyone is involved in a detox or a cleanse program and there is good reason why. There are hundreds of different approaches and interpretations of a detox but in general, the benefits of spending some time giving your digestive system a rest from foods like wheat, corn, soy, red meat and dairy along with caffeine and alcohol, are many. Here are some of the many important benefits of a detox when done correctly:

Remove Toxins

We are exposed to hundreds of pesticides, environmental pollutants, cancer causing chemicals and preservatives pretty much every day. Long term exposure affects our metabolism and can wreak havoc with our immune system, eventually leading to disease. Even though our bodies have a built in detox function, more often than not, the system is just too overloaded to work at removing toxins effectively. Toxins can also compromise the immune system making us more vulnerable to colds and flus. Taking time out to do a detox program is a way of helping the body do what it naturally does.

Lose Weight

Toxins are primarily stored in the body’s fat cells making the metabolism sluggish, hampering the body’s natural ability to burn fat which all leads to weight gain. Anyone who regularly eats thousands of calories of fatty, sugary, and nutritionally unsound food a day will lose weight once the diet is changed. Weight loss is an added bonus to detoxing although not the main aim.

Stop Premature Aging and Improve Skin Quality

Toxins can keep the body from absorbing antioxidants and other nutrients that help fight oxidative stress responsible for aging. Detoxing can help the body shed free radicals and heavy metals and improve overall skin tone, acne and strengthen hair and nails too.

Increase energy, mental and emotional clarity

Yes, it’s true. Clearing out toxins can bring back good energy on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Many say they also sleep better and deeper during after detoxing their body.

Restore Balance Overall

All the body’s systems – digestive, nervous and hormonal – work together to keep us in optimal health but when overloaded with toxins and unhealthy foods, these systems can’t to their work properly. Detoxing brings back balance to all our systems.
Imagine letting go of toxins that are keeping you down with joint pain, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and depression – all things that can be improved as a result of a good detox plan.