April 13, 2024

What Is a Vet Compounding Pharmacy?

Your pet is unique—but what about their medicine?

Humans aren’t the only members of your family that can suffer a difficult ailment—your pets can too. It’s also possible for your pet to require special medicine your local veterinary office can’t provide. 

In these cases, a trusted vet compounding pharmacy can help you receive the custom medicine that gets your pet back on their feet (or paws.) You can contact The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy for more information. 

How Does Compounded Medicine Work?

A compounded medication is any type of FDA-approved drug that has been customized and changed from its original form. In addition to being used to treat human ailments, compounded medicine can also be used for medical conditions impacting animals, like your pet. 

Compounded medicine for pets is safe and regulated by state and federal law. Drugs are always prescribed by a veterinarian, who can either fill the prescription themselves or forward them to a vet compounding pharmacist. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which oversees the regulation of regular drugs, classifies compounded medicine as extra-label drugs. 

You can consult a trusted veterinarian or compounding pharmacist for more information. 

When to Look for a Vet Compounding Pharmacy for Your Pet

Why do some pets need compounded medications?

The reality is standard available medications are not always optimal or even safe for your beloved pets. In these cases, compounded medications can help. 

Some reason why you might feel inclined to look into compounded drugs for your pet include:

  • You need to increase or lower the strength of your pet’s medication
  • A drug that you used previously has gone off-market
  • Your pet takes multiple medications that could be combined for ease of use
  • You prefer a different manner of administering the drug for your pet

For example, it’s not unusual for your pet to reject medicines or pills with bitter or unpleasant tastes. Compounding the medication into a flavor suspension, such as peanut butter, can help overcome this issue. Sometimes, topical medications can even be used to replace pets with serious resistance to orally administered meds. 

What Conditions Does Vet Compounded Medicine Treat? 

Compounded medicines are used to treat and alleviate symptoms related to many different medical conditions or diseases in pets. These can include:

  • Diabetes
  • Seizures
  • Bug-borne diseases, such as those caused by fleas or ticks
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • And many others

As always, medicinal compounding for animals is usually called for when there are no current FDA-approved medications or treatments for a condition affecting your pet. The decision to use a compounded drug should always be one of medical necessity. Talk to your veterinarian if you’re unsure. 

Common Types of Compounded Medications for Pets

One of the most common methods of administering a compounded drug is for dogs or cats that reject pills. In these cases, transdermal delivery of a topical medication on a hairless patch of your pet’s body, such as the inside of their ear, could be an option. 

Other examples of compounded medications include:

  • Chewable capsules
  • Flavored suspensions 
  • Custom strength drugs
  • Zero sugar meds (for pets with diabetes)
  • Dissolving compounded tablets

Check with your veterinarian to discuss the best option for your pet. 

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