May 26, 2024

What Does a Compounding Pharmacy Technician Do?

When you’ve been prescribed a compounded medication, it can be helpful to understand what drug compounding is and how your custom medicine is formulated. 

Understanding what role your compounding pharmacy technician plays can help you feel confident and reassured that you can trust your custom medication. Continue reading to learn more about what compounding pharmacies are, what your compounding pharmacy tech’s responsibilities are and how a New York compounding pharmacy could change your life. 

A Closer Look at Compounding Pharmacies

We’ve all been to the pharmacy before. You head to your local CVS to pick up your prescription and you’re on your way. But you may be surprised to find these standard drugs may not be a good fit for everyone. In fact, there are many situations in which a person might need a custom medication

For example, maybe you have a hard time swallowing capsule medications. By visiting a compounding pharmacy you could still get your medication, but it could be formulated as a sublingual tincture, topical cream, or other form instead.

There are also times where standard medication doses are too high or low to meet a patient’s needs. But a compounding pharmacy can formulate a patient’s medication to increase or decrease the dose so they can still get the treatment they need. 

Compounding Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities

Compounding pharmacists are essential, but they can’t do it all alone. That’s where compounding pharmacy technicians can be of assistance and play an integral role in helping patients heal. 

Pharmacy technicians can be found helping compound certain prescriptions with the help of a pharmacist, sterilize and clean lab areas, stock supplies, and perform other lab duties. They are also responsible for packaging and labeling medications, working with healthcare providers and insurance companies, and keeping meticulous medication records, among other responsibilities. 

Our compounding pharmacy technicians at The Healthy Choice are a critical part of the team and work carefully to help patients obtain the custom medications they need to get better. 

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