Veterinarian Compounding New York

As any pet owner knows, administering medicine to your pet is not always the smoothest process. 

Pets can refuse medicines based on smell, taste, appearance, or method of delivery. Other times, medicine that you perhaps used to give your pet no longer serves its intended purpose or is even discontinued. 

For any of the above issues, veterinarian compounding in New York is the solution. Contact The Healthy Choice pharmacy today to learn how a customized course of medicine could be right for your pet. 

Types of Pets That Can Benefit from Compounded Medicine

No two pets are just alike. That’s why, after receiving a diagnosis for your pet’s conditions and a prescription medication, your—and their—problems may not be over just yet. 

Often, there can be problems or other complicating factors around your pet’s medication. From trouble with administering, to dosage and allergy concerns, the potential exists for your pet to suffer from even greater problems. 

Fortunately, there may be a solution in the form of compounded veterinary medicine

Compounded medication can be a safe and effective alternative to the commercially available drugs your pet has already tried. With the help of a veterinarian and a qualified veterinary compounding pharmacy, your pet can get access to a custom and unique solution that solves your pet’s med problems. 

From the big to the small, veterinary compounding is no problem at all for your pet! At The Healthy Choice, we can help all shapes and sizes of pets, including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets
  • Guinea pigs
  • And others

Common Types of Compounded Pet Medications

One of the most common forms of compounded pet medications include transdermally administered drugs. 

These gels are often preferred in situations where pets are particularly resistant to pills or other oral methods of drug administration. 

Transdermal drugs are also preferred for being relatively noninvasive. In most instances, the transdermal solution is simply applied to a fleshy part of your pet’s inner ear, and they may not even be aware that they’re being medicated at all. 

Some other examples of common forms of veterinary compound medicine include:

  • Custom Dosage Medications – No two pets are exactly the same, and this no more true than when considering the size of different animals and even different breeds within the same species. A veterinarian compounding pharmacy can help find the perfect dosage for your pet. 
  • Chewable Pet Treats – For the pet that isn’t adversely affected by orally administered drugs, chewable pet treats with custom, tasty flavors are a great option. 
  • Sugar-, Dye-, and Preservative-Free Medication – Got a pet with dye allergies? Or is your pet diabetic and in need a sugarless alternative to their current medication? In either case, a veterinarian compounding pharmacy has got the solution for you. 

At The Healthy Choice, we’re committed to providing the custom compounded medicine that your pet-friend needs. 

Contact a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy in New York Today

Whether you have an existing prescription for your pet or need a new one, a veterinarian compounding specialist in New York with The Healthy Choice can help you find the solution for your pet. 

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