Veterinarian Compounding Long Island

When your pet has unique health and wellness needs, veterinarian compounding can help. 

Compounding pharmacies work with doctors, patients, and pets alike to create customized Rx solutions that attend to the special needs of your pet. 

Looking for a veterinarian compounding pharmacy in Long Island? Look no further than The Healthy Choice!

Why Go with a Customized Veterinary Prescription Company? 

Not only is your pet like a member of your family—they’re also often smarter than you might think. This fact is evidenced by the need to use a code name for “walk” when speaking around them, or why it’s often necessary to hide their treats. 

Regardless of the kind of pet you have, however, orally administering a bad-tasting pill is something that’s likely to be met with resistance. 

By compounding your pet’s medication into either a tastier treat or a whole different method of administration all together, a veterinarian compounding pharmacy can help you remove some of the hassle of keeping your pet healthy. 

Some of the different types of pets that can benefit from veterinarian compounding include:

At The Healthy Choice, we can compound your pet’s medication into a tasty treat they’ll like, regardless of the kind of pet they are. 

Sometimes, however, some pets are more than reluctant to take a pill. In these cases, we can devise alternative methods of administration. 

For example, a popular solution for pups that have a hard time with their meds includes compounding their medication into a transdermal solution. 

Transdermal solutions are administered through the skin; usually on a fleshy and hairless piece of skin inside your dog’s ear. 

By placing their drugs inside the ear, your dog can gain access to the treatment they need in a non-invasive way that saves both you and your pet from stress!

Solutions for Pets of All Sizes 

One of the other common issues involving pet medication is related to dosing. 

After all, no two pets are the same. What works for a tiny house cat might not be appropriate for your dog, to say nothing of the differences in sizes there between breeds. 

By working with a trusted veterinarian and The Healthy Choice, you can create a customized drug compound that works for the pet in your life, regardless of their size or the drugs commercial availability. 

Some of the types of compounded medicinal products that are commonly used for your pet include:

  • Flavored soft chewables
  • Orally administered liquids
  • Transdermal gels

And some of the common conditions that veterinary compounding medicine can help treat include:

  • Pet diabetes
  • Dry eye
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Skin conditions
  • Liver disease
  • And many others

Reach out to a qualified veterinarian to learn more about the benefits of veterinary compounding. 

Reach Out to a Veterinarian Compounding Pharmacy in Long Island

When your pet is happy, you have peace of mind. At The Healthy Choice, we empower pet owners by providing them with superior customized pet medications that make the difference for the furriest members of their families. 

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