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Preventing or reversing inflammation is really all about listening to the body and learning about its inflammatory response. Slowly we can begin to take our health to the next level, one step at a time and over the long term, effectively stop the effects of chronic inflammation.

The first place to look is at your diet. Simply put – high-carb, low-protein diets are inflammatory. Eating lots of fruits, generous portions of dark leafy greens and other vegetables (with every meal) gives the body a great source of anti-inflammatory compounds. In addition, herbs and foods such as turmeric, oregano, garlic, green tea, blueberries, and ginger contain bioflavonoids and polyphenols that limit free-radical production in the body.

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Supplement with UltraInflamX Medical Food formulated to support patients managing inflammation by providing a scientifically designed blend of nutrients to: support detoxification, promote healthy gastrointestinal function, combat oxidative stress and inhibit pro-inflammatory activity.

Adding essential fatty acids (EFA’s) to your diet is also crucial in the form of daily supplementation, especially because omega–3 fatty acids are in shortest supply in our modern diet.  This alone is one of the simplest, safest, yet most effective steps you can take to quell chronic inflammation in your body.

Small handfuls of nuts and seeds in your daily diet, especially walnuts and freshly ground flaxseeds are also helpful as well as using olive oil for cooking and salad dressings.

Eliminate certain foods and additives from your diet. Number-one on the list of offenders would be Trans fats — hydrogenated oils. Next would be the sugars, refined carbohydrates, and gluten-containing foods. Processed convenience foods have additives and preservatives that should be completely avoided. Resolve to eat as many fresh foods as possible every day.

One of the quickest ways to get on the anti-inflammatory path is increasing the alkalinity of the body. It can make a tremendous difference in how you feel in a surprisingly short period of time. Body PH levels are measured by the PH scale. PH levels vary from 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (very alkaline). 7.0 is considered neutral. When you increase alkalinity levels you also increase the oxygen levels in the tissues and organs.

Drinking fresh green juices will dramatically increase alkalinity levels. Drink at least 1 fresh vegetable juice per day: getting into the habit of juicing daily will give your body a real gift. Fresh, nutrient packed juices will also increase your alkalinity and provide you with the goodness of a giant salad in a small glass.

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