Transdermal Compounding

When traditional capsules just aren’t working for you, using compounded medications transdermally could be the next best option. Contact The Healthy Choice to learn more. 

Not every medication suits the needs of every person. In cases like these, individuals may be able to get their prescriptions custom made to meet their body’s needs. One of the more common types of compounding involves formulating custom transdermal medications.

Transdermal compounding is also an innovative and easy way for you to take the medications you need. You can contact your doctor or our compounding pharmacists at The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy to get your personalized medicine. Continue reading to learn more about what transdermal compounding is and what medical conditions could benefit from transdermal medications.

What Is Transdermal Compounding?

When your physician prescribes a medication, your prescription is usually filled by a pharmacy. However, these traditional pharmacies typically contain standardized medications and doses that are most commonly prescribed. But because every person’s body is different, what one person responds to, medicinally, another may not.

That’s where compounding pharmacies are invaluable. Because of compounding pharmacists, individuals who need customized medications could get the help they need. Transdermal compounding involves the formulation of a custom medication, usually as a patch or topical cream

It is designed to meet the individual needs of the patient by delivering their medication via absorption through the skin and into the bloodstream. Transdermal medication means the drug is delivered in smaller amounts over a period of time, thereby giving patients the relief they have been looking for, and for longer.

Medical Conditions That Benefit from Compounded Transdermal Medications

The most common reason a person may be interested in a compounded transdermal medication is that they suffer from chronic pain. These transdermal medications can be applied as a cream or patch directly onto the skin and deliver the medication through the skin into the bloodstream. 

This can be a great alternative for individuals who are unable to or have not found success in using medications in capsule form. It can also be good for people who suffer from localized chronic pain such as those suffering from the following conditions:

These are just a few chronic pain disorders that could benefit from transdermal medications. If you have been diagnosed with another condition that causes localized or widespread pain, you may still be a good candidate for transdermal medicines. 

You can contact your doctor or the pharmacists here at The Healthy Choice to learn more about your treatment options. 

Reach Out to a Reputable Compounding Pharmacy

If you are interested in transdermal compounding to treat your chronic pain or other medical condition, you can contact your physician or The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy to discuss your questions and concerns. Simply fill out the quick contact form included at the bottom of this page or call our office at 914-238-1700.