Thyroid Hormone Replacement Long Island

Thyroid hormone replacement is a type of medicine used by patients to treat the condition known as hypothyroidism; i.e. an underactive thyroid. As a crucial part of the endocrine system, the thyroid is responsible for regulating the cell activity indicated in many important bodily functions, such as growth, sexual health, brain function, and more. 

Many problems can come about as the result of an underactive thyroid. T3 and T4, two of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland, are tasked with many biological functions in the body. 

Fortunately, with the help of compounded thyroid hormone replacement in Long Island from The Healthy Choice, you help your body get back to peak performance. 

Understanding Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Thyroid hormone replacement therapy involves using thyroid hormones made in a lab in order to elevate the amount of hormone in your body. 

This treatment is necessary for people whose thyroids are secretly a suboptimal amount of the naturally occurring thyroid hormones. 

When this happens, you can work with a doctor and a compounding pharmacy to create a personalized thyroid hormone treatment plan that addresses your body’s unique needs. 

Typically, thyroid medication is ingested orally in pill form. 

Although there are two main thyroid hormones, most of the time, pure synthetic thyroxine, or T4, is prescribed to correct a thyroid hormonal imbalance. However, there is existing evidence suggesting that a combination of both hormones—T3 and T4—could be successful when comparing certain metrics. 

If you need help understanding hypothyroidism and the role of thyroid hormone replacement to treat your condition, we know how frustrating that can be. Fortunately, we can work in consultation with your doctor to find the correct hormone replacement remedy to get you back to optimal performance and health. 

How Do You Know You Need Thyroid Hormone Replacement?

Generally, thyroid hormone replacement therapy is the indicated treatment for people whose thyroids are not making the correct level of the thyroid hormones. The clinical name for this condition is hypothyroidism. 

Some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Decreased libido
  • Memory and concentration impairment
  • And others

People experiencing these symptoms as a consequence of hypothyroidism are traditionally the most common type of people who would benefit from thyroid hormone replacement. However, there are other conditions which might necessitate the taking of a thyroid medication, such as:

  • Goiter
  • Enlarged nodules on thyroid gland
  • Post-thyroid removal treatment
  • And others

However, it’s necessary to have a doctor confirm your symptoms through proper bloodwork and testing before you can begin a course of treatment for hypothyroidism. 

One of the best ways you can prepare and stay ahead of any complications in your thyroid health is by maintaining regular contact with your physician.

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