July 17, 2024

THE ALKALINE CONNECTION – A Great Defense against Cancer

The human body is an amazing machine that responds when we understand and begin to support its defenses again Cancer. One of the greatest ways we can fight cancer, as well as get our health back if we do get cancer is creating an oxygen rich and alkaline system in which disease cannot exist. Scientists have proven that raising the body’s alkalinity and oxygen content can curb the onset of cancer and other degenerative diseases. It is simply about returning the body to its original state.

A healthy pH level of approximately 7.4 helps to saturate red blood cells with healing and essential oxygen. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment but does not in one that is alkaline.

Interestingly, it is not “bad” food that contributes to acidity but rather the balance of
acidifying foods versus alkalizing foods. Ideally, that diet is comprised of 75% alkalizing foods and 25% acidifying.

Introducing alkaline foods into the diet is both easy and delicious. An usually more raw is better because cooking can deplete foods of their essential nutrients. Here is a short list of some of the most potent alkaline foods:

• Leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens and kale
• Cucumbers, broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, cabbage, onions, radishes, peas, leeks, watercress, turnips, carrots, chives, green beans, beet root, celery, avocados, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts
• Lemons, limes, grapefruit, dried figs, apricots, dates
• Wheatgrass and chlorella
• Garlic and ginger
• Almonds and seeds such as sunflower, sesame and flax
• Sprouts
• Organic cold-pressed oils such as olive, coconut, flax, borage
• Grains such as millet and quinoa
• Organic, raw apple cider vinegar
• Miso
• Green tea

To add balance, here is a short list of some of the acidic foods:

• Meat and Fish
• Dairy products
• Beans and Legumes
• Potatoes
• Coffee
• Black Tea
• Grains

In terms of supplements to help alkalize the body, magnesium is crucial because we can’t get enough in our diets. Calcium is also important because to cope with acidity the body may pull it from our bones.

Also be sure to get your greens – green powders, primarily made from spirulina or chlorella and the juices of various types of grasses like barley, wheat, or alfalfa are easy to take in a smoothie and not only raise alkalinity but promote greater energy, improved resistance to illness, and lessen pain and inflammation.
Finally, there are special formulations designed specifically for balancing body chemistry. “pH drops” or “pH powder” usually contain a solution of chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide, which releases oxygen in your body, helping to restore biochemical balance.