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I can not express to you how grateful we are to you and your wonderful staff of employees. From our numerous conversations and expert counsel, you made life a little easier for us all. When Jessie was diagnosed at the young age of 3, you were there to guide us through some tough times. I relied on your wisdom and kindness and I can’t thank you enough for everything.

It’s hard to believe we have been with you for 14 years! I will miss our conversations and having you as back up when “Drs” make me insane. I wish you well and much success with Healthy Choice Apothecary, I will keep spreading the word how fabulous you are. 🙂

I have been suffering with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity due to drinking contaminated water. As a result, I developed an allergy and intolerance to almost everything from food to lotions to medications. I became especially intolerant of my thyroid edication. Thankfully, my holistic doctor and The Healthy Choice’s pharmacist Phil Altman came up with a solution for me. Pharmacist Phil took the extra time to research compounding my thyroid medicine in a unique, hypoallergenic formula. I no longer have an adverse reaction and am feeling better and better. Phil’s care and concern has been a godsend for me.

D. R., Customer

Chappaqua, NY

“I have worked with Phil Altman and the team at the Healthy Choice Pharmacy (HCP) for several years. As a physician who prescribes compounded bioidentical hormones, I understand how important it is to have a conscientious pharmacy accurately and consistently provide the highest quality products for my patients. And they need to be shipped in a timely manner. HCP is able to consistently meet these challenges and is willing to meet the individual needs of my patients. On rare occasion, when an order has to be recompounded, it is done without question and patients are not charged, something you don’t see very much these days. In addition, Mr. Altman is always on the forefront of new innovations and delivery techniques to make the administration of creams, gels and lozenges easy for the patient to use and agreeable to the taste. It is tremendously important that the prescribing physician has a close working relationship with the compounding pharmacist, so their combined decision making will provide patients with the best possible care and outcome. It is a pleasure working with Phil and his staff.”

Edward Jacobson MD FACOG

Greenwich Bioidentical Hormones

Phil Altman makes it his business to be up on the latest medical information about bioidentical hormones. His compounding pharmacy gives you custom tailored hormone therapy combined with cutting edge information. This means peace of mind for you, the customer, and better health.


Ten year customer

We are an OB/GYN office in Manhattan and have had a great relationship with Healthy Choice Pharmacy for many years. They have serviced many of our patients which reside in and out of New York. They are a reputable pharmacy for hormone replacement therapy and their vitamin formulation for HPV. We have implemented their vitamin regimen for our patients with HPV. It’s been about 18 months that we have been providing our patients with this combination of vitamins and so far have gotten nothing but good feedback. We will continue to provide our patients with these vitamins and continue to monitor their progress with HPV.

Mayra J. Cardi


I have been using bioidentical hormone replacement formula, compounded by Phil Altman of the Healthy Choice Pharmacy, since 2005. Phil has always been there to answer my questions, from proper use of the cream, to advice on talking to my gynecologist about bioidentical hormone replacement. I have to say I experienced menopause for a very short time. I had trouble sleeping, night sweats, hot flashes, unexplained pains in my joints. I was lucky enough to meet a friend of a friend who was using bioidentical creme. I have not looked back since. I am now 60 and have no menopause symptoms. I have friends who still experience hot flashes 10 years into menopause. I have had annual mammograms and a bone density test every other year, and all is well.

Paty M.


My daughter was diagnosed in September of 2006 with a rare disease called erythromelalgia. This is a disease which leaves my daughter to feel as if her hands and feet are literally burning. There is no known cause or cure for this disease and she has been left in more pain than most of us will feel in a lifetime. Unfortunately she has not responded well to the medications that usually help with neuropathic pains. I read an article about a month ago about a compounded cream that helped an adult with the same rare disease. I spoke with the neurologist and we both agreed to give it a try. I just needed to find a compounding pharmacist. A friend of mine recommended Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy.

I spoke with the neurologist and gave him the phone number so that he could fax in a prescription for me. When I arrived at the pharmacy to pick it up, Phil Altman the compounding pharmacist, greeted me with a smile. He went on to tell me that upon speaking with the neurologist they decided on a special compound more appropriate for a child. I must admit that upon hearing this I was a little leery but Phil was right. My daughter responded beautifully. For the first time since October she has been able to wear socks and shoes and go to school.

Phil’s knowledge and expertise have given my daughter her life back. There is no price for that. The neurologist was so impressed with Phil’s knowledge and expertise that he is sending future patients there. He explained to me that it is very difficult to find a good compounding pharmacist and Phil is great. I have sent many friends there since and we are all thrilled. There is no way to ever thank him enough. I am just thrilled that I was able to find such a high quality compounding pharmacist who was able to help my daughter, and I am sure he will continue to do so as needed.

Sharon Hoff


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