July 17, 2024

Taming the Bulge in 2013

If you are determined to meet your weight loss goals this year, you are not alone. Recent studies show over 66 % of adult Americans are considered overweight or obese, so it’snot surprising to find that weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.  Of course, everyone who wants to lose weight wants a quick fix and that’s why many end up giving up before January even peaks.

Here are a few tips that can help you meet your goals, realistically.

Write your Goals Down
Brainstorm all of your goals onto one piece of paper and then rewrite each one as a contract with yourself. Put your contract somewhere that will keep you reminded of the promise you have made like on the fridge since this is the main area which will make or break your resolution. Refer to your contract daily to remind yourself of your long-term goal.Keep a detailed record of your weight loss, dietary intake and how you’re feeling so that you will be able to truly see what you’re consuming, where your problem areas are, how your emotional state is.

Set a Definite Date
Don’t just tell yourself you’re going to meet your goal sometime within the year. You’ll probably fall into the “I’ll start next week” and so on trap. Instead, mark your calendar for an exact date for each goal that you want to achieve.

Remove the Temptations
Go through your refrigerator and cabinets and get rid of all the “contraband” foods including cakes, pies, cookies, chips, soda, crackers and any “empty calorie” foods that will definitely get in the way of your weight loss goals. Replace with nutrient dense foods like lean protein, fresh fruits, salad fixings, protein bars. This is a very crucial step since the temptation to cheat will be increased 10-fold if you have the wrong foods lingering inside your home.

Meet Mini-goals
Make small changes every week that will add up in time, helping you reach the bigger goal. Here are some examples of weekly changes you could incorporate into mini-goals:

Week One: Drink 10 glasses of water per day.
Week Two: Walk more, ride less whenever possible.
Week Three: Eat more dark leafy greens
Week Four: Eliminate fried foods.
Week Five: Begin eating one vegetarian meal per week.

Enlist your BFF and Family
You don’t have to go it alone! Tell your friends and family what you want to accomplish and tell them how they can help you (and warn them of what doesn’t help). Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a weight loss buddy who will join you on your journey to weight loss to help you stay motivated.

Get Moving
Choose some kind of exercise and commit to it. Even short exercise sessions can be done during your lunch break, before you start dinner or any time you have a small pocket of time.

Set Realistic Goals
Remember, it did not take you 2 weeks to gain those extra 25 pounds so it definitely will not take only 2 weeks to lose it all! The process is a marathon not a sprint. With this mind set you will be able to create new healthy habits which will eventually turn your “diet” into a truly healthy lifestyle to last a lifetime!

Don’t Forget to Supplement
We are committed to helping you reach your goals with the three awesome supplement choices in our Weight Loss Protocol.

Tonalin by Vital Difference
Tonalin or CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been shown to play a vital role in reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone according to human clinical studies and laboratory testing.

Chromium Synergy by Designs for Health
Just one Chromium Synergy capsule a day in addition to making changes in your eating habits can help give your body the optimal amounts of nutrients it needs to regulate blood sugar response

Renewal Greens by Innate Response
Easy to mix, easy to digest and features the nutrition of 41 organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals scientifically proven to promote cardiovascular health, increase healthy antioxidant protection and act as an effective detoxifier and rejuvenator.

By incorporating the important tips and supplements above, success with your new year’s weight loss resolution will become a reality!
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