May 26, 2024

Suffering from Menopause Symptoms? Consider BHRT

At some point in their lives all women deal with symptoms of hormone imbalance, often due to menopause. Common symptoms include mood swings, dry skin, hot flashes, loss of memory and loss of sex drive. These symptoms are overwhelming for busy women with multiple responsibilities.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can help balance fluctuating hormone levels and lessen or eliminate many of the symptoms of hormone imbalance.  BHRT gives women like you control of their lives.

What Is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

Hormone imbalance is a complicated problem that often requires hormone therapy as a part of treatment. Physicians have been prescribing hormone therapy for decades, but have not always had the option of bio-identical hormone therapy. Bio-identical hormones are compounded to match the exact structure of the hormones of each individual patient.

Synthetic hormones are not specifically made for each patient so they can have a variety of negative side effects because the body treats them as toxic. BHRT uses hormones that are exactly the same as the patients so the body treats them the same way has hormones created in the ovaries.

What Exactly Is Menopause?

When thinking about menopause women tend to think of the common symptoms: hot flashes, trouble sleeping, changes in sexual interest, and the end of periods. These symptoms are all caused by changes in a woman’s hormone balance.

As women age the ovaries gradually stop producing as many hormones and the menstrual cycle grinds to a stop.Hormones have complex and far-reaching effects in the body and changing levels require adjustment.  Any hormonal imbalance can cause discomfort and changes in the body. The sudden decrease associated with menopause is no exception.

How Can Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Help?

For some women the symptoms of menopause can be severe and cause great inconvenience and discomfort. In these cases the woman, her physician and pharmacist can work together to create an individualized bio-identical hormone treatment plan.

Since bio-identical hormone therapy uses hormones that are identical to the natural hormones produced by the ovaries, it is as if they are still functioning at a higher capacity. By testing and monitoring hormone levels, the menopause processes are moderated minimizing symptoms and discomfort.

Is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Right For Me?

If the symptoms of hormone imbalance are ruling your life, bio-identical hormone therapy can provide welcome relief. Talk to your physician about your symptoms.  Your physician will test your hormone levels and review your situation prior to recommending the correct therapy for you.

Many physicians are unaware of the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy, so be your own advocate and discuss all your options. Our Free Hormone Analysis can help you determine if bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

With patient, physician and pharmacist working together an individualized treatment can be created to relieve your specific symptoms.

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy has been helping women balance their hormones naturally through bio identical hormone replacement therapy.  Find menopause relief today.