May 26, 2024

Spring into Detox Time

Spring into Detox Time

March means – Springtime and Springtime means re-birth, new, clean. So when you are working in your yard and gardens soon, you might want to think about cleaning up your body as well.

Spring is the perfect time to detox. The winter months can be hard on our bodies making us feel sluggish. The heavier foods we eat during winter and perhaps not enough exercise can take a toll on our digestive system, liver and kidney functions. Then even being as healthy as possible, added life stressors can still interfere with the body’s natural detox mechanisms.

Did you know that too much stress can trigger a natural response to store fat as a reserve fuel? This action can only increase the internal damage from stress and inactivity. That’s why it is important to consider a good detox program – one that can purify the body’s metabolic systems and is also be a great addition to any weight loss program, as it frees up toxins from fat cells and can improve results.

Why Seasonal Detoxes are Necessary

The word ‘equinox’ means ‘equal day and equal night’. After the autumn equinox, the days get shorter and the nights get longer (and vice versa after the spring equinox).

Your body is designed to go through a deep detox at the time of the autumn equinox, as preparation for winter. During winter, the fluids in your body naturally thicken but as long as you’ve gone through this autumn cleanse first, things still stay moving (albeit naturally at a slower rate, due to the season). And at the end of the winter comes the spring equinox, when the body is designed to throw off what’s accumulated during this slower time.

Equinoxes give us the full force of the earth’s energy, supporting the detox effort. You can help the process along by following a few tips during the days around the spring equinox:

1 Center your diet around alkalizing whole foods, especially vegetable juices, green smoothies, raw soups and salads.

2 Get plenty of rest to leave your body maximum energy for its cleansing endeavors. Most importantly, aim to be in bed by 9pm every night, and asleep by 10 as your organs of elimination require those two hours of sleep before midnight in order to function optimally.

3 Consider a period on just raw juice for a deeper detox in the run-up to the equinox.

4 Get onboard with a specialized detox kit that can make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

At The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy, we carry several products to support your detox efforts including the new and popular organic detox kits by Designs for Health. Call us for more information on how to get your kit.