May 26, 2024

Spring Detox Protocol – Healthy Choice Special of the Week

Jump Into Our Spring Detox…

The arrival of Spring has long been recognized by the world’s great
healing traditions as the ideal time to help the body get rid of
accumulated toxin. It is even more critical today, as our liver has to
contend with chemicals that now saturate our environment that it was never
designed to handle.

The Detox Kit we are offering is an excellent way to help the liver do its
job in removing toxins that, if left inside us, predispose us to
autoimmune conditions, weight gain, low energy and other chronic
degenerative conditions.

It is a combination of pea protein shakes containing antioxidants and
traditional herbs that help drive liver detoxification pathways, stimulate
bile acid formation and excretion, which is how the liver gets rid of
toxins. Amino acid detoxification capsules assist Phase II of liver
detoxification in which toxins that have been concentrated in Phase I are
made water soluable to be excreted more easily.

Also included in the recycled material canvas bag is extra large blender
bottle and a detailed, easy to follow guide that describes foods that will
assist the detox. Most folks will find the guidelines easy enough to

This is a gentle, safe and effective detox. By the way, it tastes good!
Tested and approved by our pharmacy staff, not an easy crowd.
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