If You Are Actually In The “Severe” Category; Here Are Some Things You Can Do Right Away!

You are in the severe category and the time to be proactive is over. Now you have to react to your body with an aggressive approach. Make sure you have reduced your refined foods and increased your whole foods. We can arrange an immediate complimentary supplement consult with our vitamin specialist.

Since you are identified in the severe category those supportive treatments may not be enough for you. We strongly recommend a saliva test that will provide you with direct insight into your hormone levels. It would give us a snap shot of your testosterone, estradiol and progesterone levels as a sound foundation point to get started. We can also help you find the right integrative BHRT specialist physician for you. Primarily because at this time it is very important that you begin putting your health care team together.

Even if you do not want hormone restoration we can still help you manage with lifestyle and the correct supplements for you. We don’t practice one size fits all… we will help you find the right therapy for you!!!

Please contact us directly anytime you have questions, need further assistance, would like to schedule a personal interview or require a BHRT specialist physician referal.