Saliva Hormone Testing

Suffering from a hormone imbalance? What Now?
After reviewing the list of symptoms you believe that you have a hormone imbalance. Perhaps you are seeking menopause symptom relief. Maybe you even took an interactive survey like the assessment available at Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy. Women like you often wonder how to get relief for women’s hormone imbalance.

Step 1: Find a BHRT provider

The first step for relief is to find a doctor or pharmacy that provides bio identical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT is better than synthetic hormone therapy, because rather than introducing foreign hormones into your body it gives you hormones identical to your own. That means your body will be able to metabolize them properly and you won’t have to deal with the side effects a synthetic hormone therapy.

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Step 2: Saliva Testing

After you have found a doctor or pharmacy, they will give you a simple saliva hormone test to figure out exactly what your current hormone levels are. That will give them an accurate idea of what needs to be corrected, and will prevent any guess work in treating you.

Step 3: Personalized Care

Your physician, pharmacist and you will work together to create an individualized bio identical hormone therapy program. With the three of you working together the plan will be customized to best meet provide relief of all your hormone imbalance symptoms.

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy has been helping women balance their hormones naturally through bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Find menopause relief today.

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