Pediatric Compounding in New York

Has your child been prescribed a custom prescription drug? Visit The Healthy Choice in New York for your pediatric compounding needs.

When children get sick, it can sometimes be difficult to treat them. There are a variety of reasons why, but in many cases it’s because they have difficulty or are unable to take their medication. Fortunately, through pediatric compounding in New York, your family can finally get your child the relief they deserve. 

At The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy, we are committed to assisting individuals and families who need help obtaining personalized medications. Below, we go into further detail about what pediatric compounding is and what some of the more common types of pediatric compounding are.

What Is New York Pediatric Compounding?

It is not uncommon for children to have trouble taking their medications. Sometimes the medication they need doesn’t come in a form suitable for children, while in others children simply refuse because of the taste of the medication. 

You may be surprised to learn that pediatric compounding provides opportunities for pharmacists to customize a particular medication to meet the needs of each specific child. 

Gone are the days when you couldn’t get your child the medication they needed. Now, you can get your child’s medication formulated for their individual health needs with pediatric drug compounding. 

Types of New York Pediatric Compounding 

Children need custom medications for a variety of reasons. The type of medication your family will need will depend on what medical issue your child is experiencing. If your physician can prescribe you a standardized drug they most likely will, but there may be barriers that prevent you from being able to use these traditional medications.

For example, maybe this particular medicine has a foul smell and children are often unable to swallow it in liquid form. Through pediatric compounding, you could have the medication formulated into a topical gel or cream, edible, drinkable, a capsule, or even have the medication flavored to something your child can stomach. 

You could also need a compounded medication if your child needs a specific dose of a medication that traditionally is unavailable. Or maybe your child is allergic to dairy, casein, soy, or gluten and the medication they need includes these ingredients at your local CVS. Manipulating medicine doses and finding alternative ingredients to formulate pediatric medicines are just a few of the ways modern medicine has adapted to children’s treatment options.

When your child’s health needs go beyond what standard pharmacies can offer, you can help your child get better when you get their personalized medication from a reputable pediatric compounding pharmacy. 

Visit a New York Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

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