Our Philosophy

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy’s philosophy is 3 simple words:

Dedicate, Educate & Create

Dedicate: to provide cutting edge information and support

For over 20 years, The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy has been consistently providing stellar personalized customer service.  We strive on being responsive to both the doctor and patient through open communication via phone, email, text message or Live Chat on our website.

Educate:  to disseminate information concerning innovative science and research

Our highly knowledgeable pharmacists have the expertiseto guide our patients through the process and explain in detail how their medications will work as well as how to best administer their medication.  We work closely with doctors on determining the best dosage for the patient’s medication to ensure the very best care is achieved.

Create: The art and science of creating personalized medication

We develop effective and quality medications that are customized to the needs of the patient.  We can create medications in capsules, rapid-dissolve tablets, gels and creams.

Our services are about more than compounding. We strive to offer a five-piece puzzle which includes lifestyle, exercise, supplements, and education along with customized medication.  We believe that finding the right balance among these components will lead our patients to a successful and balanced life.

We believe the secret to success lays in a triad relationship between the patient, physician and pharmacist in which we all collaborate to meet each patient’s individual needs. The staff at The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy is continuously committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. To us, a total healthcare experience means a dedicated and friendly staff, and the highest quality care available.