May 26, 2024

MSM – An Amazing Mineral

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is a naturally occurring form of sulfur and the fourth leading mineral in our body. It is a crucial component to our diet and the body requires it on a daily basis. Chemical fertilizers, preservatives, and processing have made it hard to get enough of the bio-available sulfur our body needs to be fully healthy. There was a time when it used to be in all our fruits and vegetables when the topsoil was rich with nutrients. Grains also have MSM but it is lost in the cooking process.

Without proper levels of MSM, our bodies are unable to build good healthy cells leading to problems like lost flexibility, scar tissue, wrinkles, varicose veins, hardened arteries, damaged lung tissues, dry cracking skin, digestive disorders, joint problems, and inability to defend against allergic reactions to food, animals and plants.

How does MSM work?

Simply put – it makes cell walls permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow into cells and allowing wastes and toxins to properly flow out. The body uses MSM along with Vitamin C to create new, healthy cells, and MSM provides the flexible bond between the cells.

Want great hair, skin and nails? Sulfur, nature’s “beauty mineral” shines when it comes to keeping hair glossy and smooth and complexion clear and youthful. MSM helps with the synthesis of collagen and is prevalent in keratin, a tough protein substance that helps maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. Acne, including the severe acne rosacea, responds favorably to MSM supplements. Adequate sulfur also prevents blistering and promotes faster healing from sunburn and windburn.

And nails show not only an increase in growth rate, but also increased toughness and resistance to chipping and cracking. This effect has been seen both in human nails and horse’s hoofs.

While MSM is not a cure for allergies, supplementation may reduce symptoms by allowing allergens to be removed from the body more quickly. Even reactions to insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak are less severe when the diet is supplemented with MSM.

Together with Vitamin C, it can synergistically lower histamine levels.

So are you ready to jump on the MSM bandwagon yet? Go for it. You’ll look and feel better all-around with this natural supplement.

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