Thank you for participating with our survey. Your results have come back that your symptoms are moderate. Now you have to be reactive because you may not have noticed the mild changes that were going on with your body. You might now be experiencing weight gain around the middle, lower libido, poor sleep and many other various symptoms.

There are some simple steps that can help you transition into your next phase. Correct your diet increase your whole foods and get adequate sleep. Make sure you are taking a fish oil and good multiple vitamin. Now most women would need to add a adrenal support to help balance your hormones and lower your stressors. Our vitamin consultant can recommend specific supplements just for you.

At this point we strongly recommend that you get a saliva test from our compounding pharmacy. This will give you a snap shot and a look at just where your hormone levels are at that moment in time. This is just another tool to help you figure out the menopause maze. We look forward to being your source for current events in womens health and to assist you with this life transition.

Please contact us directly anytime you have questions, need further assistance, would like to schedule a personal interview or require a BHRT specialist physician referal.