May 26, 2024

Minimize Menopause Symptoms by Reducing Stress

Menopause causes a host of symptoms due to hormonal imbalance.  Symptoms including hot flashes, loss of memory, trouble sleeping, mood swings, dry skin and loss of sex drive are common. Dealing with these symptoms can be overwhelming and stressful. An important step in improving the comfort and quality of life for women dealing with menopause is reducing stress.

Physicians tend to focus on hot flashes and trouble sleeping by regulating the hormone imbalance with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. When the fluctuating hormone levels are under control many of these symptoms are reduced or eliminated, but often the stress created by the experience is harder to shake.

The Power of Stress

Today’s world is full of stress even without menopause.  Menopause symptoms create additional stress for busy women like you. Stress leads to headaches, feelings of being overwhelmed and decreased productivity.

Stress plays a role in overall health, contributing to heart conditions, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Stress can even affect asthma, arthritis, depression and anxiety. Who wants those additional problems when already dealing with the stressful changes that come with menopause?

Lifestyle Changes

Stress is usually thought of as an emotional issue, but physical changes can also have an effect on stress levels.  Developing good sleeping habits and getting adequate rest is crucial to stress relief.   Ideally, 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night is recommended during periods of stress.  Since sleeping can be a problem during menopause, be sure to devote adequate time to rest.

Proper dietary habits are important to stress reduction.  Alcohol consumption, use of caffeine, and refined carbohydrates should be eliminated or reduced.  Reducing the intensity of aerobic exercises to a low or moderate level and adding a daily calming exercise can also help you combat stress.

Supplements for Stress Relief

For many women dealing with the stressful side effects of menopause lifestyle changes and hormone therapy are not enough to combat stress.   We recommend herbal supplements to give women the upper hand.

If you want the best results, combine multiple supplements and lifestyle changes for an individualized approach to stress. Some herbal supplements even act as emergency rescue remedies for very stressful times.

The adrenal glands are essential to stress response because they create adrenaline, the main hormone involved in the fight or flight response. Adrenal supplement formulas help adrenal glands respond efficiently,decreasing the fatigue and memory loss associated with menopause and improving mood.

Vitamin Supplements for Stress Relief

During stressful times many vitamins are used quickly. Vitamin C, B complex, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E are important for energy levels. These vitamins affect your ability to handle pressure or difficult menopause symptoms without over-reacting.

Supplements specific to stress relief address vitamin C absorption into the area of the body where it is most needed.  These supplements improve results and ensure the right blend and quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Confused about which supplements are right for you?  Rely on the advice of a trusted pharmacist. The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy offers an individualized approach to hormone imbalance and menopause related symptoms with excellent results. We provide specially designed stress supplement packages to address all your stress relief needs.

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy has been helping women balance their hormones naturally through bio identical hormone replacement therapy.  Find menopause relief today.