You are in the mild category. Now is the time to be proactive and start to take control of your life. You are now on a journey where balancing your hormones is paramount. The more consistent you are in the following areas, the easier your hormonal transitions are going to be!!

We recommend reducing your refined foods and increasing your whole foods to help maintain a healthy insulin level. We strongly recommend that everyone be on a good multiple vitamin and fish oil. The vitamins in the multiple vitamin will help with stress and also aid in estrogen detoxification.

Now is the time to be aware of your stressors as well. Our vitamin consultant will be in contact with you via email in a few days to make recommendations that best match your current hormone analysis survey answers.

We look forward to being your source for current events in womens health and to assist you with this life transition.

Please contact us directly anytime you have questions, need further assistance, would like to schedule a personal interview or require a BHRT specialist physician referal.