Low Dose Naltrexone for Crohn’s Disease

If you have tried various treatments for your Crohn’s Disease and all have failed to provide the results you hoped for, you may consider treating your Crohn’s Disease with low dose naltrexone.

Traditionally, the drug Naltrexone was used to treat individuals who were suffering with opioid and alcohol addictions. But in recent years, research has shown that Naltrexone in low doses can benefit a wide range of medical conditions including Crohn’s Disease. 

Interested in trying low dose naltrexone for Crohn’s Disease? If so, you need to speak with your physician and a respected New York compounding pharmacy to obtain your treatment. The Healthy Choice can formulate your personalized medication and work to help you alleviate your Crohn’s Disease symptoms. 

What Is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) characterized by inflammation of the digestive tract. This chronic condition can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, abdominal pain, fatigue, and severe diarrhea. 

The cause of Crohn’s disease is still unknown, and there is currently no cure. Many patients can go through their lives without experiencing any major symptoms; others suffer debilitating flare-ups regularly. 

Current treatments for Crohn’s disease include anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, immunosuppressive drugs, and even bowel resection in some cases. However, there has been some research that indicates that Crohn’s disease could also be treated with Naltrexone in low doses.

What Is Low Dose Naltrexone and How Can It Help Crohn’s Disease?

Naltrexone itself is a competitive opioid antagonist which means that the drug binds to the opioid receptors, thereby blocking the effects of opioids. For this reason, it is most commonly used to treat opioid addictions and even alcoholism. 

But when Naltrexone is given in lower doses, it may be able to help treat many other kinds of medical conditions, including Crohn’s disease. At a normal dose, Naltrexone is given at around 50 mg, but when we talk about lower doses, we mean amounts closer to 4.5 mg.

When the low dose naltrexone (LDN) binds to the opioid receptors, pain levels are reduced and the LDN produces an anti-inflammatory response. This is critical for patients with Crohn’s disease who suffer more severe symptoms when their bowel is inflamed. 

Another benefit of low dose naltrexone is that it boosts your body’s natural endorphins. This is the feel-good hormone and often will dramatically improve the quality of life for those who suffer from Crohn’s disease. If you are interested in learning more about how low dose naltrexone could benefit you, speak with your physician and pharmacist at The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy.

Get Help from a Compounding Pharmacy in New York

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