Low Dose Naltrexone in Greenwich

Low dose naltrexone, or LDN, can be an effective form of pain relief for sufferers of Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. It works by acting within the central nervous system as an anti-inflammatory. While the extent of its use is still under investigation, it’s been widely praised in trials. 

If your current medical treatment isn’t helping you recover, it may be time to speak with your doctor about working with The Healthy Choice for a compounding treatment that includes LDN. Ready to learn more? Read on to learn why LDN may be the right choice for your treatment plan. 

How Can Naltrexone Help?

Naltrexone works by promoting increased levels of endorphins, reducing pain, and improving cell growth and immune response. It temporarily blocks and binds pain receptors, encouraging our bodies to produce more endorphins, relieving pain. 

As a daily oral therapy, Naltrexone operates as an analgesic. It is structurally and functionally compounded with similarities to known opioid antagonist naloxone. It was approved by the FDA as a treatment for opioid addiction, though studies have shown it to be beneficial for improving the quality of life of multiple sclerosis patients, helping with pain and fatigue management. 

Why A Low Dosage? 

Taking naltrexone in low dosages allows for more methods of administration. Low dose naltrexone can be taken orally in capsule or tablet form, as a sublingual drop, or even as a topical cream or gel. 

The ability to administer the medication in such an array of formats makes it far more widely accessible than some medications, with alternatives available for those with issues swallowing conventional medicines.

Naltrexone is also often co-administered alongside opioid analgesics. It contains roughly one-tenth of the typical opioid dosage when administered to those with addiction problems, with 50 mg taken orally per day being a standard dose.  

Advantages of Low Dose Naltrexone  

Though still subject to research, medical professionals acknowledge LDN’s efficiency in managing chronic pain. It’s also highly cost-effective when compared to similar drugs, with low dose naltrexone coming out at around $35 per month, as opposed to other forms of treatment which may be much more expensive. 

Despite extensive research, few adverse side effects of low dose naltrexone have been reported. Common side effects found in other potent analgesics, such as ulcers, clotting issues, or interference with other medications, have not been recorded in any significant numbers, nor does it appear to present withdrawal symptoms after treatment. 

As with most medications, you must consult with your doctor frequently to monitor how your treatment is going and decide if any adjustments need to be made. By regularly updating your doctor on your progress, you can get the medical support you need.

Finding the Right Pharmacist in Greenwich, New York 

If you’re suffering from a condition that low dose naltrexone may prove to be an effective treatment for, your doctor and compounding pharmacist may be able to help. Our team at The Healthy Choice is ready to discuss the problems you’re facing and the pros and cons low-dose naltrexone may have for you. Give us a call at 914-238-1700 or fill out our online contact form.