May 26, 2024

It’s Lust and Love Season

It’s-Lust-and-Love-SeasonAhhh summer! A time for family vacations, outdoor fun in the sun, frozen drinks and – sex. Yes, sex.  Are you feeling it? In fact, we are in one of two times in the year when human sexual activity has been known to increase. The other is in late December.

The reason for the sexual seasonality is not yet clear but research shows it could represent a primitive biological cycle or more likely, the purely social construction driven timing of two main holiday seasons in Western culture – summer and winter.

The good news is this means you still have time to plan ending your summer with a big romantic bang with your partner before its back-to-school time! Go ahead and be racy, daring and creative. Think of the things that used to be incredible turn-ons and infuse them back into your current sex life.

For some, this may mean a private getaway to revisit the sexual passion and spontaneity that may have been lost in your relationship when the kids were born. Where you go matters less than the atmosphere you choose that puts you and your partner in the mood for love. Think – a resort with a nude beach, a cabin in the woods on a secluded lake for skinny dipping or a luxury hotel room to head to after a hot night out on the town. Or in the spirit of the song “Afternoon Delight,” at the very least, set aside even an hour any afternoon for romance.

And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy some sensual time together. You can have a beautiful date night just enjoying a glass of wine on your patio and watching the sunset, going dancing or making a special dinner together followed by a movie that pumps up your adrenaline, gets your heart racing and ultimately lead to sex.

Whatever you choose, don’t miss an opportunity to get your sexy glow on with the one you love!