May 26, 2024


Is intimacy a thing of the past? Check your stress and hormone Levels.

In today’s economy where people are struggling to keep their homes, their jobs, and just survive, stress has become crushing. There is less laughter, more fights, and relationships suffer on every level. Understanding how stress is affecting your hormones and creating havoc in your relationship is an important part of reigniting intimacy.

Women have a complicated hormonal system. During stress, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels drop and cortisol is elevated to unhealthy levels. Testosterone is produced in part, in women’s adrenal glands. The imbalance of these hormones cause emotions to go crazy often causing crying, anger, and depression with zero desire for sex or intimacy.

Stress also disrupts thyroid function which affects every cell and function of the body. Women with hypothyroidissues often have no sex drive.

While a male’s hormonal system is much simpler, when he is under too much stress, his testosterone levels fall dramatically due to cortisol hormone levels rising with stress. Elevated cortisol levels kill a male sex drive by telling the body to stop producing pre-hormone compounds that are used to produce testosterone.

Want to stop the cycle of stress and low sex drive? Try some of these suggestions in your daily life for yourself and/or with your mate:

Just Say NO! : Many people fill their plate so full, they cannot do any of it well. If you don’t stop over-extending yourself, sooner or later your work and relationships will suffer.

Cell phones and e-mail are stress: Leave your cell phone behind when you can and give your mind some much needed Rand R. Most of us answer the phone and email more often than necessary and it affects closeness and communication.

Do something mindless: Take a break often to read something fun or inspirational, close your eyes in a short meditation, or perform some stretches to get the blood circulating.

Take your lunch break: Many people make the mistake of not taking their work time lunch breaks. Getting away for even a half hour, gives you time to rest your brain and body.

Walk or bike together: Exercise reduces stress and cortisol levels and gives both you and your mate a great way to spend time together.Remember – no cellphones.

Go away for the weekend:  Research shows that people on vacation have lower stress and cortisol levels. Go somewhere beautiful where there is no internet service. Sometimes, all it takes is some quality time together to renew your love and intimacy.

Get a massage: Massage therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, lower blood pressure, and anxiety significantly. If you can’t afford to get a professional massage, learn to give each other one.

Spend time with your pet: Pet therapy reduces stress and cortisol levels and creates smiles and laughter, reduces pain, depression, and anxiety.

Put on relaxing music: Music uplifts the mind, calms stress and reduces cortisol levels. It can also be stimulating to your creativity.

Last but not least, ask us at the Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy about our natural HRT, stress protocol and supplements. We are here to help you renew your health, vitality, and revampyour sex life!

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