Hormone Therapy for Women

The Healthy Choice has been compounding for women’s health since 1997. Our expert pharmacists are well versed in finding unique solutions for many conditions facing women today.

For decades, medical professionals have advised women on how to deal with the overwhelming symptoms of PMS, menopause, peri-menopause and other women’s issues commonly associated with hormone imbalance.

From hot flashes to dry skin, loss of memory, to loss of sex drive, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy offers welcome relief. By balancing a woman’s fluctuating hormone levels, BHRT can lessen or eliminate many of her symptoms.

After a thorough assessment of her symptoms by a physician, the compounding pharmacist creates a personalized formula of Bio-Identical Hormones. With the exact chemical structure found in her body’s own hormones, Bio-Identical Hormones work to naturally balance a woman’s levels and alleviate her symptoms.


Menopause is the time when a woman has naturally ceased having menstrual periods for one year. Menopausal symptoms can include hot flashes, night sweats, pain during intercourse due to vaginal dryness, and increased anxiety or irritability. Keep in mind that symptoms can vary widely from person to person.

The Healthy Choice helps individualize the path you choose, but you must be an active participant in the process to be successful. We will work with you and your physician to put together a comprehensive program that includes Bio-Identical Hormones, nutritional supplements, lifestyle recommendations and dietary suggestions.


Have you noticed a decrease in libido, mood changes or increased anxiety? These are symptoms of a hormone imbalance and we can help you find relief. As your hormones are fluctuating you may feel these changes are just part of the aging process but they don’t have to be! Now is the time to be proactive and take charge of your life. The first step is to form a healthcare team that will help guide you through the menopause maze.

What Is Estrogen Dominance?

Estrogen dominance is when your body has more estrogen than progesterone. This can be from food we eat, pollution, plastic, or the environment. We do not receive progesterone from the environment.

Over half of all women who have had a hysterectomy will experience symptoms of hormone imbalance. In many cases, it can be severe.

Our goal is to help put you back in balance. We believe it is important to restore all your hormones, not just estrogen.

You will also need DHEA, testosterone and progesterone.

Some physicians feel that progesterone is unnecessary when you don’t have a uterus, but progesterone doesn’t just protect the uterus. It opposes estrogen throughout your entire body. It will also help with sleep, anxiety, and poor mood.

To help patients reduce the stress their body is under and achieve optimal health, we take an integrative approach recommending Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) along with a nutrition and fitness regimen.

When a woman’s levels of estrogen are not correctly balanced by progesterone, she is experiencing estrogen dominance. It doesn’t matter how much estrogen is in the body if it is not properly balanced.

Women’s hormonal imbalances have many negative side effects and estrogen dominance is no exception. Symptoms can include headaches, mood swings, fatigue, irregular or heavy periods and osteoporosis. Estrogen dominance can lead to higher instances of breast or uterine cancer, because the estrogen is not regulated by progesterone within the body.

Without balanced regulation by progesterone, estrogen can cause damage to major organs and unpleasant symptoms. Balance hormones with BHRT to ensure an individualized approach, which takes into account all hormone levels.

Many women experience estrogen dominance because they are receiving estrogen supplements from a doctor or pharmacy that does not understand the importance of hormone balancing when giving menopause symptom relief.

Unless a bioidentical hormone therapy is well thought out and personalized you could be trading one set of symptoms for another, caused by a different hormone imbalance.

Bio identical hormone therapy can be used to balance estrogen levels. When a skilled BHRT compounding pharmacy provides care, they take into account hormonal balance. Estrogen and progesterone always go hand-in-hand and both need to be taken into account to prevent women’s hormonal imbalances.

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy has been helping women balance their hormones naturally through bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Find menopause relief today.