Hormone Therapy for Women Greenwich

Hormone therapy’s primary use in women is as a treatment for symptoms of menopause. It can also be used for those suffering from breast cancer, with its role in preventing the production of estrogen helping to slow the growth of cancerous cells. 

Estrogen manages the development of many female characteristics, but an excess of it can accelerate the growth of cancerous cells. Hormone therapy can help reduce this growth and protect your health. If you or your doctor are considering hormone therapy as treatment, reach out to The Healthy Choice to explore your options for treatment. 

How Can Hormone Therapy Help? 

Doctors will usually consider Hormone Therapy if they believe you to be estrogen receptor-positive (ER-positive). If you’re ER-positive, estrogen levels in your body are unusually high, allowing cancer to develop more rapidly. 

Your doctor will likely ask you to consent to a breast cancer biopsy to determine whether you’re ER-positive, and at this point, you may need to speak with a doctor about hormone therapy. This therapy can be key in treating your condition. 

When is Hormone Therapy Offered? 

Hormone Therapy can be used both pre-and post-surgery. It may be administered before surgery in the hope that it helps reduce the size of the cancerous growth or as an alternative form of treatment for those with underlying conditions that make more drastic treatments dangerous. 

However, it’s primarily used following surgery to prevent the reoccurrence of cancer and give you the best chance of recovery. It may also be used to complement other therapies, such as radiotherapy, or following the conclusion of other treatments, such as chemotherapy. 

You may be offered hormone therapy shortly after receiving a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Professionals may also consider it if you have a family history of breast cancer, increasing the chance of developing it yourself. Hormone therapy can be administered for around five years in those not suffering from cancer.  

How is Hormone Therapy Administered? 

Hormone therapy can be administered in many ways. The most common form of administration is orally, typically in tablet or capsule form. Alternatives include administration via injection, either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Being honest with your doctor about any symptoms you experience during hormone therapy is vital. They may be able to offer alternative methods of administration, or a means to mitigate any side effects you’re suffering without interrupting treatment. If you want to stop treatment, your doctor can slowly wean you off of the medication without risking adverse effects. Hormone therapy may still offer protection from cancer, even following the cessation of treatment, and reduces the likelihood of your cancer returning for approximately five years. 

Discuss Hormone Therapy With a Pharmacist in Greenwich 

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may wish to explore the possibility of incorporating hormone therapy into your treatment plan. If you’re ready to adjust your treatment, reach out to our pharmacists at The Healthy Choice today. We’re always happy to offer guidance to cancer sufferers and discuss hormone therapy and your treatment plan.

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