Hormone Therapy for Men Westchester

If your hormones are out of balance and causing debilitating symptoms, you might benefit from men’s hormone therapy in Westchester.

Hormone therapy has become an excellent way for both women and men to rebalance their hormone levels and get their health under control. Men with hormonal imbalances might experience depression, anxiety, weight gain in the belly, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, irritability, mood swings, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction, among other symptoms. 

Trying hormone therapy for men in Westchester could be exactly the answer you’ve been looking for— and The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy can help. We can carefully formulate your personalized medication to meet your specific needs so your hormone therapy medication is made, quite literally, with your hormonal imbalance in mind. 

You can learn more about what hormone therapy is and the risks and side effects of HRT when you continue reading. 

What Is Men’s Hormone Therapy in Westchester?

Traditionally, men’s hormone replacement therapy is a treatment option for men suffering from low testosterone levels. Synthetic testosterone is biologically identical to the testosterone hormones your body would be producing naturally if it wasn’t for your hormone imbalance can help to achieve that homeostasis. 

You could also try a more natural hormone therapy, using bioidentical hormones derived from plant estrogens called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Neither is more effective than the other, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved certain BHRT treatment for use. 

This is great news, as your health insurance will likely cover the cost of your treatment since it now has FDA approval. Compounded drugs and hormone replacement therapy are often not approved by the FDA, meaning patients have to cover the costs out of their own pockets. 

Risks and Side Effects Of Hormone Therapy for Men

Every treatment for every medical condition comes with some risk. Every body responds to treatment differently. But there are some side effects and risks you should be aware of if you have decided to move forward with hormone therapy for men in Westchester. 

Some side effects you might experience with hormone therapy are minimal and include increased urination, bloating, and increased acne. 

Potential risks are more severe. Hormone replacement therapy can increase your risk for stroke, blood clots, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Patients who already have any of these conditions may be poor candidates for HRT. Other risks include increased cholesterol levels, gallbladder issues, decreased testicle size, breast growth, and decreased sperm count. 

Ask Your Doctor About Westchester Hormone Therapy for Men

When your male hormone levels are abnormal and you aren’t sure how to go about rebalancing them without help, call your primary care doctor, endocrinologist, or The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy to discuss your individual hormonal imbalance. 

You may find hormone therapy for men in Westchester is the answer to your health problems. Call us by phone at 914-238-1700 or through the convenient contact form included below when you have questions or concerns.