Hormone Replacement Therapy Fertility

If you have been dealing with reproductive health issues or difficulty conceiving, you may be able to utilize hormone replacement therapy for your fertility concerns.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is designed to rebalance the hormone imbalances that many people suffer from. Many fertility issues are caused by hormonal imbalances, and this rebalancing could make all the difference on your journey to conception. However, you will need to discuss your reproductive health with your physician before beginning HRT.

When you are ready to get started on your hormone replacement therapy for fertility issues, you may need a respected compounding pharmacy to formulate your custom medication. The Healthy Choice could be a great choice for your health needs. 

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

Hormone replacement therapy is most commonly used to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause in women. But that doesn’t mean that hormone replacement therapy can’t also help with fertility. 

In many cases of infertility, women are unable to become or stay pregnant due to a hormone deficiency, usually a lack of adequate progesterone. By utilizing hormone replacement therapy, progesterone, estrogen, and other female reproductive hormones that may be lacking can be administered. 

It should be noted that HRT is not generally recommended for male infertility, as testosterone hormone replacement therapy has been known to decrease sperm production. 

Fertility Issues That Could Be Helped with HRT

There are many different causes of male and female infertility and fertility issues. One of the most common in women is called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition is characterized by irregular ovulation and irregular menstrual cycles and is sometimes also associated with excessive hair growth, obesity, and acne. 

Women who have PCOS will frequently have trouble conceiving and may be given certain types of female hormones in order to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Other common causes of infertility and fertility problems in women include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, previous ectopic pregnancies, and even pelvic inflammatory disease. The good news is that hormone replacement therapy and other fertility treatments may help some women who are struggling with infertility. 

Women who are interested in trying hormone replacement therapy treatment for fertility are encouraged to discuss the benefits and risks of HRT in great detail. An increased risk of diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and blood clots are just a few of the most common risks associated with HRT. 

If your doctor believes that you could benefit from hormone replacement therapy, you may need a compounding pharmacy to formulate the right combination of hormones for your body. You can contact The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy to fill your prescription and further discuss how HRT could help you with your fertility concerns. 

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