Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Westchester

When your testosterone imbalance has begun to seriously impact your life, consider men’s hormone replacement therapy in Westchester.

Testosterone and other male hormone imbalances can have a dramatic influence on your life. You might experience weight loss or gain, decreased muscle mass, irritability, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other debilitating symptoms. When tradition treatment options have failed, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

You need a compounding pharmacy you can trust to formulate your custom medication. The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy can help you obtain your individual hormone replacement therapy for men in Westchester so you can begin to live your life once more. We explain more about what HRT is and who might be a good candidate for hormone therapy in Westchester below. 

Westchester Hormone Therapy for Men, Explained

Men’s hormone replacement therapy is usually designed to help increase the testosterone levels in men who are not producing the optimal amount of testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy works by introducing synthetic testosterone into the body in order to attain hormonal homeostasis. 

Many patients who are interested in hormone replacement therapy have also heard of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and wondered whether this is a better treatment option.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is nearly the same as HRT except the hormones are derived from plant estrogens. This means BHRT may be a more natural option than traditional HRT. However, the effectiveness of both remains relatively equal, and neither has been shown to be more effective or safe than the other. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for HRT in Westchester?

You may be surprised to learn men who experience a decline in their testosterone levels will often experience symptoms similar to that of women who are entering menopause. These symptoms can be debilitating, and testosterone replacement therapy could be the answer you’ve been looking for. But not all men suffering from hormonal imbalances will be a good candidate for HRT. 

For example, men who have a history of heart disease, blood clots, stroke, or high blood pressure may need to find alternative treatment options, as the risks of hormone therapy may be too great to the patient. Such risks could include infertility, high blood pressure, chest pain, and blood clots which could be life threatening. 

Your doctor can give you a better idea as to whether your testosterone imbalance can be treated with hormone therapy in Westchester after carefully examining your medical history, your overall health, and other potential treatment options. 

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