June 14, 2024

Healthy Mothers = Healthy Families

Healthy Mothers

Healthy Mothers = Healthy Families

Your mother is perhaps the most special person in your life. And whether you are a mother or have a mother you adore, one of the most powerful things you can do this Mother’s Day is to focus on women’s health. Mothers are truly special because they are ever-present caretakers and nurturers, many women do not focus on themselves as much as they should to lead a well-balanced, healthy life.

Ironically, mothers are also apt to make sure their partners and children observe routine appointments and schedules while they skip their own. They’re guilty of packing nutritious lunches and cooking balanced meals for the family, while often getting by on quick snacks down during a busy day.

Motherhood is a full-time job where unlike other corporate jobs, you don’t get paid, you can’t take sick leave and you can’t request vacation time. You basically cook, clean, change diapers, bathe the kids, feed them, dress them, clean up after them, drive them around, study with them and for them, discipline them, care for them, watch out for fever, flu, rash, infections and generally treat them with pure love. Sometimes a mom doesn’t even have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in a peaceful manner for more than 3 minutes.  A mother works full day, 24/7 and at a point reaches a low battery-drained level mood. And imagine all that AND a mother who also is juggling a career, running from home to work every day and making sure the whole family is taken care of too.

So, it is up to husbands, family and friends to encourage “mother breaks” before burnout sets in. Signs and symptoms include:

• Irritability
• Exhaustion
• Low productivity ( Not being able to complete responsibilities and tasks; caring for yourself, children, partner/spouse, volunteer and/or work responsibilities)
• Problems sleeping
• Reduced enjoyment of your children
• Teeth grinding or clenching jaw and/or jaw pain
• Negative attitudes (about oneself and/or others)
• Lack of motivation
• Lack of interest in activities once enjoyed
Ideally husbands should every now and then make sure to steal a couple of hours/days just to be with his wife. Take the kids to the grandparents and have a getaway, travel somewhere just the two of you, have a night out at a favorite restaurant, a movie night out or even enjoy a walk at the beach. Girls nights and spa trips are also a great way to help reduce the stress of motherhood. Even giving mom a break to take a walk or a long shower or a bath without interruptions can be helpful.  It is no secret that motherhood is not easy so a little indulgence every now and then boosts a mother’s morale which in turn leads to a happier, healthier family life.