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Where standardized drugs have failed, custom medications could change your life. Contact Westchester compounding pharmacy, The Healthy Choice.

Traditional and standard medications aren’t suited to meet every person’s needs. And when they aren’t a good fit, patients will either be left without treatment or need to seek alternative options. One of the best options for these patients is compounded medications. 

The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy in Westchester is committed to helping patients across New York and the Tri-State obtain the custom drugs they need to live their lives as normally as possible. 

The right prescription drug could dramatically improve your quality of life. Read on to learn more about what our drug compounding pharmacy does and other details you’ll need to know about compounded medications. 

What Do Westchester Compounding Pharmacies Do?

The purpose of a compounding pharmacy is to formulate medications to meet the very specific needs of a patient on a case-by-case basis. In theory, no two compounded drugs are alike. Each is formulated with the individual patient’s needs in mind. 

There are many reasons why you might need a custom drug. But more often than not, patients need compounded drugs when they are unable to deliver their medications in a traditional form, or when they need a non-standard dosage of a certain medication. 

A compounding pharmacy can formulate the medicine into many forms including injectables, suppositories, gels, topical creams, capsules, liquids, and tablets, to name a few. We can also increase or decrease the dosage of the medication you need so you can treat your health problems safely.

Things to Know About Compounded Medications in Westchester

One of the most important things people obtaining prescriptions for compounded drugs need to know about is the cost. Traditional medications are usually approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but compounded drugs are not

This is because the FDA is unable to examine each and every compounded drug for efficacy and safety. However, the FDA has stated on their website that they recognize the need and importance of compounded drugs, despite not being able to provide blanket approval. 

Since compounded drugs are not usually FDA approved, you may be hard pressed to get your health insurer to cover your costs. Many patients who need compounded drugs will end up covering the costs out of their own pocket. 

We’ll first see if your health insurance policy provides coverage for compounded medications. If not, we will figure out whether you can cover the costs of your prescription. Your compounding pharmacist at The Healthy Choice can give you more information. 

Visit Westchester Compounding Pharmacy, The Healthy Choice For Your Pharmaceutical Needs 

If you are interested in obtaining a custom medication, you’ll first need to speak with your doctor. Once your doctor has written you a prescription, The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy in Westchester can formulate your personalized medicine. Contact us through the convenient contact form included below or by phone at 914-238-1700 with questions and concerns.