June 14, 2024

Gray Hair Is “In”

There was a time when gray hair signaled a visit to a professional colorist or to the drug store to grab some dye to hide the unsightly strands.  Not so in 2015!

“Granny hair” as it is called is currently trending. Young women are running to their salons to get their shades of gray while those aging gracefully with their natural grays are daringly showing off their hair that doesn’t require such expensive attention.

So why be happy to go gray naturally?
For one thing, it saves time and money. Monthly visits to a colorist to touch up roots to cover grays can add up to big bucks over the course of a year. Even if you stretch your appointments out to every six weeks, at around $50 a pop depending on the salon, you’re talking over $400 a year for the rest of your life. Not to mention the hours you’ll spend flipping through magazines while you’re getting dyed. Just think, you could use that time and money for a vacation, and be sipping drinks on a sunny beach instead.

It’s empowering and freeing. Women who have earned and own their “silver” hair usually have a mesmerizingly powerful look if they take good care of their locks.

And it doesn’t have to be boring. After a lifetime of coloring and/or highlighting, it can be scary to think what those chemicals have done to not only your hair but also your body.

It takes a lot of confidence to rock gray hair au naturel. Go for it and enjoy the process.  Here are some steps towards a color free, chemical free future for your hair:

Go shorter. A different cut helps to eliminate a bulk of the hair you’re trying to match or catch up to — it also introduces the element of new.

Go lighter. Ease into gray by going lighter first. This eliminates and/or lessens the demarcation between regrowth.

Add low lights initially to help you adjust to the dramatic differences your hair will go through, especially if you have darker hair.

But most important of all – take extra good care of your hair by limiting the chemicals you put into it, blow drying and flat ironing it less and making sure you eat healthy, fresh foods and supplement with products that contain hair health nutrients.