May 26, 2024

Getting in the Flow with Energy Medicine

Did you know that the balance and flow of energy fields in our body can determine our state of health, how we live and for how long? Oftentimes we don’t really think about how disease is really the result of imbalance or shifts in the flow of our energy that usually can’t be resolved without help.

Let’s have a closer look at why this is so…

Our physical body is made up of interactive energy fields around every cell and every system, which balance and support optimum health. When that balance is disrupted, the human body responds by trying to adapt and fight off illness, becoming overloaded and eventually breaking down with pain and disease. The symptoms and pains of each disease may differ but their root cause is still the same – a disruption to the flow of energy. This is where energy medicine comes in.

And just what is our energy system? It is certainly active and intelligent and the source of each of us and the entire universe. Every living thing that exists is fueled by a universal energy that connects and nourishes all life. You may know this energy by different names in different traditions – in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is called spirit, and in some practices that enhance the balance of energy in the body – prana in yoga, chi as in tai chi or even ki from Reiki. While our energy field may seem invisible for the most part, with close attention, you can understand and maybe even feel how it surrounds you and supports your life process in every aspect – the material operation of the physical body, the functions of your emotions and the mind, and even your spiritual life.

So when our energy field is clear, healthy and free from blocks and defects, we are likely to exhibit good health, at each step – from the spiritual aspects, down to the mental, emotional and physical levels. Many times, however, blocks are present in the body’s energy field. Then the flow of energy becomes weak, impure and unbalanced preventing us from accessing our wholeness as a person. It is then that our natural condition of energetic health, which is a requirement for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, is no longer possible.

Energy medicine is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and also a complete self-help/self-care system. Practitioners of this branch of complementary and alternative medicine are easy to find. Search in your area for trained/certified experts in the sub-fields of Reiki, Qigong, Therapeutic Touch and Biofield Energy Healing, as well as yoga and tai-chi teachers to find which one suits you best.

Balancing your energy can help balance your chemistry, your hormones, your emotions and help you feel and think better all around!