May 26, 2024

Genetics and Weight Loss – What Does Your DNA Say

You’ve tried and tried, earnestly to lose weight for years and although you may drop a few pounds trying every diet plan possible, the bottom line is, you are still overweight and unhappy. And you are not alone. According to studies, 95% of people will gain back the weight they lose within a few years, and 41% of those who attempt dieting will eventually gain back more weight than they lost.

DNA is the blueprint of life and lays the foundation for every fundamental characteristic and function in each of us. Have you considered that perhaps you are struggling to lose a lot of weight or just that last 5-10 pounds, because of what is coded on your DNA? Researchers have identified specific combinations of genes that appear to correlate very strongly with fat retention independent of, even in spite of, exercise and eating a calorie conscious diet. This may be why the exercise and eating plans that worked so well for your friend, just isn’t working for you.

But now there is something that can help.

The interplay of science and genetics has truly evolved the way we now look at personalized health in our society. DNA testing and genotyping programs are designed to educate each individual on how their body works. Using full gene sequencing can uncover a truly individualized approach to fitness and health.

Metabolic tests or SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) analysis are only partial snapshots of the genes or metabolic function, whereas full gene sequencing paints the complete picture of metabolic function. And because it is based on DNA, it does not change so results are applicable for a lifetime.

Contained in the nucleotides of DNA are the genetic instructions for every function in the human body. Traditionally, DNA is explained in terms of dictating individual appearance: hair and eye color, height, freckles or none and it remains true in regards to enzymatic pathways, receptor function and ultimately the precise requirements for exercise, diet and nutritional supplements.

Genetic testing is an analysis that identifies unique variations in genes or proteins, the results of which provide precise genetic information about an individual.

At the Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy, we are on the forefront of health and wellness and can now offer you genetic testing to help uncover your individual metabolic requirements, paths to successful weight loss, steps to achieving your athletic peak performance and more. Come in or call and ask about our Fit by Design test kit.