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The Healthy Happy Hour

6/7/14        Bernadette Bloom            Esoteric Healing
The Esoteric Bloom www.TheEsotericBloom.com  (914)861-2712

If the Energy of someone is NOT balanced they don’t feel well whether it is the common cold or something more extreme like diabetes or cancer or Autism……………………Energy medicine balances the core imbalance as well as takes any trauma out that is maintaining the imbalance which results in healing. In this work we ask for the HIGHEST AND BEST GOOD, for the person.

I am the only one is the tri- state area that has a healing practice using this work as well as a healing center. I also teach others what I know…….

6/14/14        Carrie Brudner             10 Day Transformation
Purim Health, Anti-Aging Products  www.phporder.com  (917)575-2004

Purium Health Products is an all organic superfood nutrition company that carries a full line of whole food superfoods. Our hottest seller is the 10 day celebrity transformation cleanse. It breaks addictions and you lose weight and feel amazing! We also have an amazing protein powder called the LOVE super meal. There are no excipients, binders, fillers or GMO!

6/21/14        Dr. Suzanne Saltzman        Homeopathic
suzannesaltzman@aol.com  (914)472-0666

Susanne Saltzman, MD has a family practice in Hartsdale, NY specializing in homeopathic and functional medicine.  She has over 20 years of experience treating children and adults with homeopathy, a unique, individualized system of medicine using natural substances to stimulate the body’s immune system to heal disease.  Dr. Saltzman will be discussing how she integrates homeopathic and functional medicine in a family practice to treat many of the chronic problems we see today.

6/28/14        Walter Zernis            Joint Health/Self-Help Tips
Designs For Health: zernis@comcast.net  (914)954-1782

Maintaining Optimum Joint Health Naturally – Warmer weather means it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy your favorite activities.  Whether it’s biking, hiking, running or walking, the last thing any of us want to worry about is discomfort from natural wear and tear on joints, which most adult’s experience. The good news is that supplements can really help.  Join us for a talk with Designs for Health educator Walter Zernis about a comprehensive, natural approach to joint health that looks beyond the typical glucosamine and chondroitin options.  Walter has over 30 years of expertise in nutrition and bodywork.

7/12/14        Richard C. Koffler, MD
Northeast Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (845)279-1135