July 17, 2024

Do You Need a Prescription for a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounded medicines allow you to enjoy all the benefits of commercially available drugs, with the added bonus of personalization. 

Whether you need compounded medicine for an alternative administration method, a modified dosage, or simply because a drug you need is no longer commercially produced, The Healthy Choice has the quality supplies and pharmaceutical expertise to create the perfect solution for your unique needs. 

One common question that our customers have is whether or not they need a prescription to purchase pharmaceuticals from a local compounding pharmacy. Read on to find out. 

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding is the process of taking individual drug components and turning them into personalized medicine that helps patients address specific medical needs. 

After all, very few things in life are truly one-size-fits-all. Many people have started to question whether mass-produced medicine is the right option for them in all situations. 

Compounding pharmacies meet this demand by providing personalized medicine to people of all backgrounds to meet their unique healthcare needs. 

Because of this, compounding pharmacies work slightly differently than their traditional counterparts. Compounding pharmacies work to craft personalized medicine using some of the individual ingredients that go into FDA-approved, commercially available drugs. In a sense, compounded drugs are made from scratch. 

Whereas traditional pharmacies may sell drugs that are more or less delivered as-is, compounding pharmacies blend the ingredients to make new drugs—something that allows them to manipulate certain factors, such as dosage and ingredients, in a way traditional pharmacies can’t. 

The Healthy Choice can create personalized medicine for you with the following factors in mind, among others:

  • Alternative Delivery Methods – Have a little one or even a pet with trouble swallowing pills, or anyone with a general swallowing disorder? We can create transdermal pads, gels, liquids, or many different types of drug delivery systems to better serve you or your loved one. 
  • Allergy Considerations – Commercially available drugs often come loaded down with dyes, coloring, or other artificial ingredients that people with allergies can’t ingest. We can create low-allergen or allergen-free medicine suited for your specific needs. 
  • Different Doses – Some drugs have off-label uses at lower doses; an example of this is low-dose naltrexone, which can be used to treat symptoms of chronic pain. 

If you’ve got a need for personalized medicine, you can reach out to The Healthy Choice to learn more.

How to Get a Prescription from Your Doctor for Compounded Medicine

One common misconception is that compounded medicine is unregulated. Although it’s true that most compounded drugs aren’t FDA-approved, all pharmaceutical activity is still regulated by state pharmaceutical boards. 

Because of this, it’s necessary to have a prescription from a trusted doctor in hand to purchase compounded medications.

Have a doctor who’s not yet aware of the benefits of specific compounded medications? Call us and we can set up a time to discuss your medical needs with your doctor. 

Contact The Healthy Choice Pharmacy for All Your Compounded Drug Needs

No one should have to adapt their unique needs to mass-produced medicine. At The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy, we create personalized drugs that treat you like the individual you are. 

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