Custom Medications

Do I Need A Prescription?

Yes, bio-identical hormones are compounded prescription medications that we produce in our specialized pharmacy. Each prescription contains only the highest quality ingredients and is made to fit each patient’s individualized need.

One of the keys to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, is the different dosage forms it can come in. We have the ability to customize dosage forms to fit each individual patient. Using a compounding pharmacist to help you decide what dosage form to use, will be key in having a successful therapy. If you have any digestive disorders we strongly recommend using the transdermal route although the American preference has usually been to take a pill over using creams. If you do decide to go the transdermal route, there are different delivery systems, i.e. syringes, pumps, jars, etc. There are also different bases that we can use depending on the sensitivity level of the patient. When you use the transdermal route you have more dosing flexibility. You can take 1½ doses of cream, whereas it’s more difficult to take 1½capsules. There are also lozenges you can suck on, vaginal suppositories, vaginal creams, drops, etc. The key with dosing is finding out what is going to work best for you.