Rye Brook Compounding Pharmacy

Mainstream medication is something we have all become accustomed to, and more than a few of us require a prescription refill on a monthly basis. Of course, there are roadblocks in the system and in many cases certain drugs are taken off the market simply because the manufacturer is not seeing enough profit. Customizing medicines is the best possible solution to this problem.

What is Compounding Pharmacy?

Essentially, this is a practice whereby medications are created in such a way that they are best suited to the patient’s needs. This allows certain elements to be removed and added as needed, enabling the pharmacist to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions.

This process also allows patients to request medical formulations that may not be readily available on every shelf, or to request that solid pills be changed into a more palatable liquid. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Often referred to as “natural hormone therapy”, this therapy refers to the use of hormones that are molecularly identical to those found in the human body in an effort to reach a particular target number of hormone levels. More often than not, compounding pharmacy is a good choice when it comes to balancing hormone levels in women who are dealing with the various stages of menopause. BHRT can also be used to help battle osteoporosis.

What About our Furry Friends?

Pets can suffer from just as many ailments as their owners. It can be agonizing to watch them wrestle with unpalatable medication that causes them to react badly. Bloating, weight gain, and skin allergies are only a few symptoms that can make a pet’s life miserable.

Compounding pharmacy can provide you and your pet with treatment that is agreeable on every level. This is the best way to solve dosage problems and to create a medicine that your pet will not find olfactorily or gustatorily offensive.

Choose the Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy In Rye Brook

A short 23-minute drive from Rye Brook to the Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy in Chappaqua is all it takes to get the medication you need. Of course, if you would prefer to have your medication delivered straight to your doorstep, our pharmacists will be happy to chat to you on the phone and make arrangements to do that.