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Up until the early decades of the 20th century, most medicines were compounded — that is, mixed to suit the patient’s individual needs. Since the 1950s, the majority of medications have been mass-produced by the big drug companies, and patients have usually had to use them, whether suitable or not. Now, however, compounding pharmacy is making a comeback.

Medicine Specially for You

Compounding can be seen as personalized medicine. It focuses on the individual’s needs, rather than being limited to what is available from drug companies. Medicines are mixed to the form that suits the patient best, and different but compatible drugs can be combined into single doses, to make taking them easier.

Unique Benefits

Some standard medications actually contain substances to which patients are intolerant, or even allergic, such as glutens, lactose and preservatives. A pharmacist can avoid these ingredients, and actually make preparations easier to absorb. He can also adjust the formulation to make them easier for children, elderly people, and even pets to take.

Help for Skin Problems

Many patients with persistent skin problems, such as eczema, fungal infections and warts, have particular difficulty in finding treatments that work. Compounding pharmacy can take formulations of different medications, and combine them into lotions, topical creams, gels and other preparations that are effective for those individuals. These are successful even for stubborn conditions like acne and psoriasis.

Compounded treatments can even help aging skin. The pharmacist can put together formulas containing emollients, exfoliants and antioxidants for all skin types. These not only improve skin, but help unsightly pigmentation as well.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Another way compounding pharmacy can help is with bioidentical hormone therapy. These hormones are chemically identical to the ones you have in your body. In addition, they are derived from plants, not from laboratory chemicals, so are completely natural.

BHRT is used to restore your hormone balance. This has been shown to have a major effect in increased energy and drive, and to enhance memory and concentration. It also improves muscle tone, and leads to stronger bones.

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Here For You

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy at Chappaqua, New York can help you with your health problems, especially with your skin condition. It’s only 17 miles by car from Mamaroneck, yet it ships all over the world, so wherever you are, it’s there for you. Whatever your worry, call them now for a solution.