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1.5 billion people around the world suffer from chronic (long term) pain, according to the American Academy of Pain Management. This equates to between 3 to 5 percent of the global population, including people in and around Briarcliff, New York.

One of the reasons why many people face ongoing and often severe pain is the failure of traditional prescription medications and treatments to resolve the issues in a consistent and effective manner. To remedy this problem, one should explore different options that are available.

Understanding the Benefits of Compounding Pharmacy

In basic terms, this option represents the use of natural ingredients combined to construct a unique and specific remedy or treatment to address a particular ailment or medical condition. Individualized remedies and treatments exist to combat chronic suffering.

A common problem associated with traditional pain management protocols is the fact that mainstream pharmacies and doctors take what can only be described as a one size fits all approach to patient care. The fact is that the nature and circumstances of any person’s condition is unique.

The types of remedies from a compounding pharmacy recognize the singular nature of an individual’s condition. The specific remedy or treatment takes into account all of the unique elements associated with the individual.

Another primary benefit is that the process relies on natural formulations. This differs from traditional pharmaceuticals that utilize chemicals, which can have daunting side effects in many cases.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

A popular treatment regimen available today is what is known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The process employed utilizes a natural therapeutic process to balance hormone levels in a person’s system as a means of restoring optimal health, including pain reduction and elimination.

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The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy in Chappaqua, New York is located conveniently for residents of Briarcliff and surrounding areas. Contact the pharmacy for a consultation and to analyze specific treatment options.