Bedford Hills Compounding Pharmacy

We all know that when it comes to healthcare, one size certainly does not fit all.  There are treatments and courses that work for some that, for a variety of reasons, may not work as well for others. The same rings true with prescription medications.

An Alternative to Mass Produced Pharmaceuticals

When prescription medicines are mass-produced, the manufacturers do not take into account the individual needs of the patients, especially pediatric needs. A compounding pharmacist can tailor formulations to better fit the individual needs of each patient. They can also aid in effective pain management.

Making Medications Safer and More Effective for Kids

Compounding pharmacies can do this by changing the route or form the drug comes in, for instance taking a powder and making it into syrup. These types of drug stores can also add flavoring to make the medicine more palatable for your child.

They can leave out non-essential ingredients that the patient may be allergic to, or may need to avoid for other reasons. They can also make dosing for pediatric patients more accurate.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

In addition to making medicine formulations safer and more effective in the pediatric population, the practice of individualizing medications is also important to patients using bioidentical hormone replacement. This is a natural therapy where dosing is dependent upon hormone lab results. Therefore, it is very important that dosing be thoroughly accurate.

Your Compounding Pharmacy Near Bedford Hills

For all of your personalized prescription drug needs, call The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy at Chappaqua, New York. They will be happy to discuss your concerns and needs.  They can explain the available options for your particular situation.  For your convenience, they are located only about 10 minutes from Bedford Hills.  In addition, they ship worldwide right to your doorstep.

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