Armonk Compounding Pharmacy

Before medications were mass produced, compounding was the approach used by most pharmacies to develop drugs for patients. This process refers to the creation of a specific product to meet the unique requirements of a patient. Meeting unusual medicine needs continues to be the goal of this process.

Benefits of Compounded Medications

When a patient has atypical health needs, a doctor may prescribe medicines which must be prepared to meet those unique situations such as:

• Preparation of customized dosages as is often required for infants
• Adding flavor for easier administration to children
• Development of different forms, for example from pill to liquid form for easier ingestion
• Formulations that are allergen free
• Preparation of drugs that have been discontinued or in short supply

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pharmaceutical compounding also plays a role in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Also referred to as natural hormone therapy, the treatment is usually used to reduce symptoms of menopause and by some practitioners to counter general effects of aging.

Typically, medications involved are compounded preparations of bioidentical hormones including estradiol, estriol, estrone, progesterone, and testosterone either in combination or singly.The pharmacist will create such custom formulation.

Compounding Pharmacy Services for Armonk, NY

Compounded medications can provide the ideal solution for many situations, from problems in administering medicine to infants and children to pain management for adults. Obtaining the right information is often the first step to successful management of physical problems.

In Armonk, New York, individuals are encouraged to contact The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy in Chappaqua, only six miles and a ten minute drive away.

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Pharmacists at The Healthy Choice will be pleased to discuss pharmaceutical needs and the options provided by compounding. Custom made treatments are their specialty, and they offer home delivery to any location. With their professional assistance, unique and specific conditions are dealt with exactly the right medications.