Compounding Pharmacy in New York City

If you need personalized medications and aren’t sure where to turn, reach out to a New York City compounding pharmacy for assistance. 

Standardized medications don’t always work for everyone, and when you need medicine to meet your individual needs, a compounding pharmacy may be able to help. You need to be able to count on your pharmacist to tailor your prescriptions so you can focus on living your life.

But there are countless compounding pharmacies to choose from. So why choose The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy? At The Healthy Choice, we are committed to providing patients with the custom medications they need, quickly. No matter what condition or health issue you are dealing with, our compounding pharmacy in New York City is here to serve you.

What Does a New York City Compounding Pharmacy Do?

The purpose of compounding pharmacies is to formulate prescription medications to meet the individual needs of a patient. 

This may mean that a certain drug needs to be given in a smaller dosage—as would be the case with low dose naltrexone, for example—or that a medication is formulated so that it can be delivered to the patient in a nontraditional way. Maybe you are unable to swallow traditional pills, for instance, and instead need a topical cream or suppository to consume your medication. 

Compounding pharmacies differ from traditional pharmacies in that traditional pharmacies are responsible for simply filling prescriptions for commonly prescribed drugs at specific dosages, typically in liquid or pill form. But New York compounding pharmacies can increase or decrease the dosage of the drug and alter its original state so the patient’s individual needs can be met. 

Benefits of Compounded Medications

Apart from the obvious benefit of having a prescription medication made to meet your own individual needs, compounded medications can have several other benefits. 

Compounded drugs are not typically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which means that the medications are not usually going to be covered by your health insurance. However, compounded medications are often far less expensive than traditional prescription drugs, and make them more affordable for those who need compounded medications.

Another benefit of compounding medications is that it increases the availability of certain, harder-to-find drugs. Because compounding pharmacies are often working with lesser-prescribed medicines, they may have access to drugs that are often unavailable through traditional pharmacies. 

If you have additional questions about the benefits of compounded medications or how a New York City compounding pharmacy could help you, you can contact The Healthy Choice to discuss your questions and concerns. 

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