Compounded Pain Medications for Pain Management Long Island

The impact of chronic pain can be difficult for most people to handle. To make matters worse, many of the traditionally approved medications used to treat chronic pain can have unwanted or even severely dangerous side effects

Millions of people across the country struggle with chronic pain of all kinds. For some, the pain can even be debilitating. All of these people have unique types of pain, and your chronic pain is no different. So why should your medicine be one-size-fits-all?

When you need a personalized pharmaceutical solution, regardless of the reason, you can count on The Healthy Choice to provide the compounded pain medications for pain management on Long Island that you need. Contact us for more information. 

Why Can Compounded Medicine Help?

The benefits of going with compounded medications for your chronic pain management needs can not be understated. For specific problems, personalized medicine may the best remedy. 

In the age of mass-produced pain management drugs, compounded pain medications can be better than cookie cutter solutions. For example, compounded medication can help you gain access to discontinued drugs, modify drugs for allergy considerations, or even change the manner of administration.

Some reasons to go with compounded medicine for pain management in particular include:

  • Modified dosages – Sometimes, the dosages of commercially available pain medications are too low or too high. With compounded medications, you can adjust the amount of the medication you’re getting to ensure that it makes sense for your unique health and personal needs. 
  • Delivery Methods  – Hate pills? Get a lozenge instead. Rather receive a transdermal solution over an injection? Again, this could be a possibility with compounded medications, depending on your conditions and the drugs in question. When in doubt, talk to a pharmacist. 
  • Dangerous Side Effects – The opioid crisis in this country reveals the dangers of uncritical over-reliance on certain pain medications. Take control of your health and your life with customized, compounded medicine. 

Understanding Transdermal Medicine

One of the most common forms of administration for customized, compounded medication is the transdermal route. 

By delivering analgesic directly through the skin, transdermal pain medications you can reap unique benefits, including:

  • Integral, seamless delivery 
  • Bypass the digestive system 
  • Topical, targeted delivery that alleviates pain directly in the pain area
  • Fewer side effects than some other methods of administration

Some of the targeted, transdermal therapies that we’ve done in the past at The Healthy Choice include:

  • Muscle relaxants
  • Adjunct pain relievers
  • Non steroidal anti-inflammatory
  • Ketamine
  • Anesthetics

Whether you have trouble swallowing, suffer from a digestive disorder, or some other condition that makes swallowing a pill difficult, you can enjoy a clean and effective pain management solution with the help of compounded pharmaceuticals from The Healthy Choice.  

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