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Most detoxification processes happen in the liver, intestines, and kidneys. Like all systems, the detoxifying organs require specific nutrients to do their jobs. The most active detoxification organ is – the liver. The liver is the largest solid organ in the body, weighing up to 2.3 kg. It is found in the upper right part...
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A detox is about discipline, focus and your health. Preparing and following through is essential both for your body and mind. For a few days before you start your detox, begin to reduce your intake of caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy, and alcohol, to lessen the likelihood of headaches and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that usually...
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The average American consumes one gallon of chemicals per year. It’s spring and for many, that means time to clean the house and get rid of the unnecessary old and stagnant stuff. But really the most important kind of spring cleaning you can do is for your body. Traditionally, spring is considered the most important...
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Jump Into Our Spring Detox… The arrival of Spring has long been recognized by the world’s great healing traditions as the ideal time to help the body get rid of accumulated toxin. It is even more critical today, as our liver has to contend with chemicals that now saturate our environment that it was never...
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