May 26, 2024

Can I Compound My Own Medication?

Compounding is a process in which a pharmacist combines two or more ingredients to create a medication tailored to the unique needs of a patient. 

For example, if you need your blood pressure medicine every day for the rest of your life and it comes with side effects that bother you, then you may want to get compounded medication that only has the active ingredient and no other bothersome additives.

Prescribing a Compounded Medication

There are a lot of misconceptions about compounding drugs, and it is important to understand them before you start. Compounded medications are not the same as over-the-counter medications or prescription medications. In order for a doctor to prescribe compounded medications, they must write an order to a pharmacist requesting that a specific type of drug be created for their patient.

Why Would a Doctor Prescribe Compounded Medication?

The most common reason for a doctor to prescribe compounded medication is that the patient needs it. There are some medications that cannot be made in an over-the-counter or generic form, so patients have no choice but to request them as custom compounds from their doctors.

Other reasons for customized medication include:

  • When the medication formulated needs to exclude some ingredients
  • When there is a need to combine two or more active ingredients from different medications
  • When a patient needs a unique strength or dosage for their medical condition
  • When the patient needs hormonal or other medication that’s not available in mainstream pharmacies
  • When a patient has a problem with using a medication in its common form
  • More

Can I Compound Medication Myself?

The FDA does not approve compounded medications, and only certain doctors are allowed to approve them. You must have a doctor’s prescription to get this type of medication, and only pharmacists are allowed to compound drugs for individual patients. So, unless you are a medical professional, you cannot compound medication on your own.

If you need any type of medication that cannot be purchased in an over-the-counter form, you may want to talk with your doctor about getting it customized into a compounded medication.

What Can I Do if My Doctor Does Not Prescribe Compounded Medication?

In cases where your doctor doesn’t prescribe compounded medication and yet you need it, in some cases you can still get tailored drugs through a local compounding pharmacy. Before you start taking compounded medication, just make sure that your doctor knows about this type of treatment, because there could be side effects or reactions with other types of treatments to be aware of.

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