Can I Buy Compounded Medications for My Pet?

There are hundreds of medications that are commercially produced for pets. However, the vast illnesses that pets can suffer means that no single commercially available medication is the right one for your pet.

This is where compounded medications come in. Compounded medications are medications that are uniquely combined for individual needs. People have used them for quite a long time, especially patients whose conditions cannot be treated with FDA-approved medications.

If you have a pet, you might be wondering if compounded medications are right for them. 

Are Compounded Medications Necessary for Pets?

There are plenty of times when FDA-approved medications are enough for pets. However, there are certain conditions that FDA-approved medications alone can’t address. If you’ve been a pet owner for quite some time, you’ve probably been in a situation where your pet doesn’t get better no matter what medications it has tried.

Compounded medications offer an additional solution to when your pet receives customized doses tailored to its specific needs. These tailor-made drugs can also be administered in the preference you require from optical gels, capsules, to suppositories.

For instance, if an FDA-approved medication only comes in pills and you have a hard time getting your pet to swallow pills, you can compound the medication into a flavored liquid that your pet will enjoy.

Are Compounded Medications for Pets Allowed?

The short answer is yes, compounded medications are allowed. The condition from the FDA is that compounded medications must be made from FDA-approved medications. In other words, since compounded medications are not directly regulated or approved by the FDA, the materials or ingredients for these compounded medications must be FDA-approved drugs.

What Are the Risks for Compounded Medication?

Since the FDA does not directly approve compounded medications, there’s no guarantee they will work the way you want them to. However, if your pet is suffering from conditions that FDA-approved medications can’t treat, compounded medications may be worth considering.

It is important to have your veterinarian’s approval and ensure the compounded medication is made from FDA-approved medications and licensed and regulated pharmacies. This way, you can be assured the compounded medications are safe for your pet to consume.

Can I Buy Compounded Medications for My Pet?

Compounded medications are made by certain pharmacies, and not all pharmacies are in the practice of compounding medications.

Compounded medications are made specifically for each patient, and in the case of pets, you will also have to consult with your veterinarian before getting a compounded medication.

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