Glutamine Powder

Glutamine is an amino acid that forms one of the basic elements of your body’s muscles. It is also essential in the formation of mucosal cells‚ such as those found in the lining of your intestines. Furthermore‚ this amino acid supports proper nervous and immune system functioning. Finally‚ it plays a vital role in the creation‚ conversion‚ and transport of many chemicals in the body‚ including other amino acids‚ glucose‚ carbon‚ and nitrogen. It can pass through the blood-brain barrier‚ meaning that it’s easily absorbed by the brain.

Glutamine supplements are commonly used by body builders to repair muscles after a workout and increase muscle growth. It may also be helpful for curbing sugar cravings. People who are on extended bed rest can use it to help prevent muscle wasting from long periods of inactivity. L-glutamine may also support immunity. Finally‚ due to its ability to build and repair intestinal lining‚ it has been used as a treatment for ulcers‚ leaky gut syndrome‚ and other forms of digestive upset.